How to avoid a divorce with the soulmate

How to avoid a divorce with the soulmate

Constant quarrels and showdowns tire spouses, their relations exhaust. One of them can involuntarily thinks of a divorce. How not to allow a divorce?


1. How it was offensive and bitter, in a rush of feelings never you speak about a divorce. You should not frighten, or to threaten with divorce proceedings. It is possible to speak about a divorce only with the cold head after made for themselves the decision. Otherwise your ultimatum will be accepted, you the hands will push the spouse (spouse) seriously to think of a complete separation of the relations.

2. Sort out the feelings and quietly analyze a situation. What all family quarrels when everything began what steps personally you need to take to adjust harmony in family are connected with. To break, not to build, think whether it is worth severing in a fit of temper relations with the person to whom you directed so many efforts and time is itis it necessary to sacrifice all good in your relations that you managed to get. Whether you are ready to begin new life, or it is better to overcome difficulties and to cope with obstacles.

3. Spouses often shower with each other charges and attribute all offenses to the second half. But unless you never were guilty? You should not become personal and accuse, offend each other for human qualities. It is more correct to discuss a situation, concrete acts. Try to listen to the soulmate and to try to make out whether there is no your fault in the circumstances.

4. You do not suppress and do not save in soul of offense and unexpressed experiences. Over time they turn into the whole clot of negative emotions, and it is heavy to understand why darling began to irritate and anger, apparently, without the reason. Discuss your feelings, solve problems in process of their receipt. You learn to forgive, it is necessary to give the person the second chance, an opportunity to improve. All people are not perfect and have the right for a mistake.

5. Do not allow problems at work, to personal failures, to influence the relations in your family. It is impossible to break on dear and beloved people. Personal sincere experiences can be discussed with the loved one, to get his support and a consolation. If chaos reigns in your soul, begin to work on yourself, play sports, yoga, favourite business, try to calm down. You do not bring disharmony in family as you will soon feel the return negative reaction of your spouse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team