How to be registered on a dating site

How to be registered on a dating site

Acquaintances online gained lately great popularity. Modern young people have not enough time for visits of art galleries, theaters, for exhibitions. To get acquainted on streets there is no desire. The Internet always near at hand, and on a dating site at any time itself can find couple.


1. Registration on a dating site requires a photo of high quality. It is worth thinking of it in advance. Friends can photograph, and it is even better if shooting is carried out by the professional photographer. In the picture try to look naturally. You should not embellish appearance strongly. Otherwise at a meeting in real life there is a risk to remain not recognized.

2. Registration on the majority of the websites takes place in two stages. The first - filling of personal data and contact information. In the questionnaire it is necessary to enter the name or a nickname (virtual nickname). Age - here it is possible to invent a little. Having specified the number of years smaller, than actually, there is a chance to get acquainted with a large number of interesting people. If it is possible to find on the website of true friends, the age will not become important at all. Physical data - growth, weight, color of eyes and hair - are entered in the questionnaire at will.

3. Upload the best photo to the site. Accounts with images are checked much more often.

4. Very carefully treat filling of the columns ""interests"" or ""hobby"". So there will be more chances to strike up acquaintances to people to similar hobbies and similarly lives.

5. Filling of the login and password. Surely think up the difficult code, otherwise the page will be easy to be cracked. If it occurs, the hidden data will be published, and from the account the malefactors will be able to distribute messages with viruses.

6. When all biographical columns are completed, specify the operating e-mail address. It is necessary for registration confirmation on the website.

7. The second stage - confirmation of the account. For this purpose follow the link sent to an e-mail from a dating site.

8. After confirmation of the account one more letter on the successful end of registration will come to e-mail. Now it is possible to send messages to other users of a dating site, to communicate in chats, to play virtual games.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team