How to reconcile the parents with each other

How to reconcile the parents with each other

Presently, a quarrel in front of the child - business, quite ordinary. So our modern world is arranged. But you should not be upset. Peace in family can be restored and independently. There would be desire.

It is necessary to find out the cause of a quarrel is one of the main objectives. If the reason pretty serious - drinking habit or treason, for example, that your efforts almost are not appropriate here. The father and mother have to solve such problems, and your business is to reconcile to the decision of parents. Though the opinion should be expressed.

Try to reach compromise

After the cause of a quarrel became clear, try to find a solution which will satisfy both parents. It is very difficult to reach compromise. For example, often the quarrel arises because of its absence.

Discuss a problem with parents

Having found out the cause of a quarrel and having an idea of how the world to solve the conflict, it is possible to try to reconcile mother and the father. But only do not stop at nothing, and act carefully and tactfully. It is possible to try to ask mother on the causes of a quarrel with the father. To ask on how personally she sees a solution. Of course, it should be done when the father is not near. Such questions should be asked somehow to begin a conversation about a quarrel. Try to tell it about how you suffer because of their conflict. Mother has to understand that their quarrels with the husband negatively are reflected in mentality of their beloved child. Then mother can look at a problem on the other hand. Here you should lie a little, having told that the father very much wants to reconcile, but does not know as. Suggest her to take the first step. Now everything needs to be done with the father too. The result will not keep itself waiting.

Be reasonable 

It is not necessary to revolt and make silly acts. Your leaving the house or addiction to addictions will not solve a problem and will not bring to good. Thus you can bring parents to an extreme boiling point. In this situation your task, on the contrary, to calm and reconcile mother and the father.

Several practical advice

  • Try to seat them at one table. It is possible to make for them a dinner by candlelight.
  • Invite mother and the father to the park to the same time, and stay at home.
  • It is possible to send to mother a bouquet, allegedly from the father. But then to warn her that he categorically does not wish that mother knew that a gift from it.
  • It is possible to buy the father a small gift and to present it on behalf of mother. But, likewise, to tell that she ordered to give from herself.
  • It is simpler to reconcile people when they in good mood. Persuade them to go all family to movie theater on some simple cheerful film.
  • Still it is possible to tell for fun: "Dear parents, I do not become angry about you any more therefore I, allow you to reconcile immediately. Kiss each other."

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