How to be with the indecisive guy

How to be with the indecisive guy

Usually the initiative in the relations proceeds from the man. He invites to the first appointment, tries to obtain the second, calls and sends messages. But not all guys are resolute and self-assured: it is necessary to learn to communicate with some timid young men.

How to achieve the indecisive guy?

Let know to the young man that you have to him feelings. It is not obligatory to report about it to the young man directly not to seem readily available. Hint, use language of a body and flirtation, through joint efforts these ways will yield result. Sincere smile to it at a meeting, long and acutely you look in the face, give compliments. Play a curl, stroke yourself on a hip and play a shoe on finger-tips.

Interfere in a zone of its comfort. If it costs near the newspaper, approach and take it, and at the same time "accidentally" touch it. During the conversation approach it, looking in eyes, lick lips, and then whisper directly in an ear a small secret or news.

Concern it more often. Playful strokings on the head or a hand. The encouraging pats it can do. If there was something very good, embrace him on pleasures. Accidental touches when walking, touch by a leg when you sit next. During the long meeting it can put wearily the head on a shoulder if you in the friendly relations. You ask it about the help more often to give it the chance to win you. Do not you reach the top shelf? Call him to the aid. A jar is not opened? It also will help with it. To inform of reports, to repair the computer, to print out documents and any other tasks which it can execute. Show it the care and tenderness. It is beautiful and womanly put on, emphasize the advantages. Care for it if he looks tired. Prepare something and treat him in a lunch break. Make lovely gifts for holidays.

How to change the indecisive guy?

Not all girls are capable to stand such young man nearby, especially, if they are going to make family. As the man therefore it is worth helping him to develop in itself a core has to solve many problems. You praise the indecisive young man for any manifestations of an initiative. Even if something went wrong, it is not necessary to lecture and abuse him, encourage for attempt. Any criticism can frighten off his desire to change. If he does not feel your encouragement, the indecisive guy can return to "armor" again and not try to be more active. Believe in it. In such state it will be important to it to know that you believe in him and support in any situation. Often the uncertainty appears for fear to make something is not right.something is not right.something is not right. Let know that your feelings to it will not change if he makes a mistake.

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