How to become the girl of his dream

How to become the girl of his dream

Though all men different, in them nevertheless much in common. Whoever was your elect, the goodhearted knight or the cool guy, you anyway can become the girl of his dream, using several simple receptions. It is not necessary to wait and hope when he, at last, appreciates you. Act safely, and let life without you will seem to him senseless.

Play its game

At heart each man – the hunter. Men like to be engaged in prosecution, so allow it to make it. Let him hunt for you. Never concede to him at once even if it very much is pleasant to you. At first it is necessary to make so that it belonged only to you. Let it will be difficult to it to catch you. Find for it time in once and pretend to be inaccessible in another. Let him know that in your life there is not only it. It will be so better because to be the only thing of whom you think, - not the most pleasant role for the man. It is not necessary to cling to it as if a rod. Persistence – your enemy.

Become for it a riddle

Do not reveal before it any and all secrets. Try to create around yourself aura of mysteriousness. Tell about yourself, but it is a little. The rest provide it to imagination. Many women like to dream. The same is done also by men. When there is an innuendo, it leaves a scope for imagination. He will dream of you, and you will become if not the girl of his dream, then the heroine in his imaginations.

Make friends with his friends

Though it can seem ridiculous, but many men arrange to women test for friendship. It means that they want to check how you get on with their friends. It is a children's and teenage whim, but male friendship – the fact to which it is necessary to reconcile. Even if his friends are intolerable, you will favourably differ from other girls and women, having accepted a call. Outwit it, having drunk with his friends on a glass of beer. You will become desired not only in it, but also in their eyes. And all company will understand that you are the guy.

Be interested in what concerns him

The status of the guy means that you are interested in sport in the same degree, as it. If in a conversation with it you unostentatiously mention couple of facts soccer or the one who won a World Cup last year, you considerably rise in his estimation. Perhaps, and most it will be pleasant to you.

Be a woman

Jeans and tail on the head – it, of course, is convenient. But is much more womanly the little black dress, heels and beautiful curls look. Do not forget that men are visual. Become for a while the seductive goddess of whom it is pleasant to dream. The love is a life long travel. And the most important secret of the girl of his dream – to remain itself. For some reason to it you attracted. Too ardent diligence and desire to make an impression will spoil your image, and you will awkwardly feel. Men like to be self-assured, but even more they like self-assured women. And most of all men love when to the woman it is good and cheerful with them. Derive pleasure and you will become the best companion and the girl of his dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team