How to behave in the REGISTRY OFFICE

How to behave in the REGISTRY OFFICE

Preparation for a wedding approached end and the happy groom and the bride go to the REGISTRY OFFICE. At this moment annoying delays and other troubles begin to occur: forgot rings, there are no witnesses, in general is unclear what to do next. Therefore it is better to foreknow as whom to prepare, as well as where to go in the REGISTRY OFFICE.

It is required to you

  • - passports;
  • - check about payment of the state fee;
  • - rings;
  • - champagne;
  • - bench hammer.


1. Put in a bag the check about payment of the state fee, the passport, a ring with a small pillow, the bench hammer, glasses and champagne in advance. Do not leave all this at home. Charge this business to witnesses, they will have to carry these things of the manager of the REGISTRY OFFICE.

2. Calculate time which is required to you on the road. Come in 20-30 minutes prior to the fixed time to avoid haste. Some invited are present only at registration therefore greet all guests and thank for the fact that they arrived. Be photographed with persons interested to imprint this moment.

3. Pass with witnesses to the room of expectation. There it is possible quietly "to clean plumelets" and to calm down. At this time all will prepare for registration of your marriage. The march of Mendelssohn will open an official part – doors open, and you slowly enter the hall.

4. You will be asked whether you agree voluntarily to marry. When you answer, the witness has to spread the bench hammer before your couple. Go into it, but agree in advance who will take the first step. By the existing tradition who will come the first, that and the owner in the house.

5. When to you suggest to put on rings, the witness will give them on a satin small pillow. Do not drop this jewelry - a sign bad. You do not hurry to put on rings as the photographer or the operator have to manage to remove this moment.

6. After traditional exchange of matrimony symbols you need to put the signatures in the act of a wedding. Here the first the bride, behind her – the groom undersigns. You are declared the husband and the wife. Tell the employee of the REGISTRY OFFICE in advance surnames which you will carry after the wedding that she called them correctly.

7. The husband is given the marriage certficate, and the wife – the bench hammer which you are obliged to preserve prior to a golden wedding. Now you need to kiss to fasten the matrimonial union and to drink a glass of champagne. Approach parents and bow to them, accept congratulations from relatives and friends.

8. You leave the REGISTRY OFFICE beautifully and solemnly too. Guests will be built in two ranks on both parties of a path and meet new family. They will shower you with petals of roses, millet or coins. The husband has to take the wife on hands on the steps of the REGISTRY OFFICE and carefully carry her to the car.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team