How to behave with men

How to behave with men

In search of universal tactics which will help to find approach to heart of the man or his wallet the women are ready to turn all Internet, to read the mass of books on applied psychology and to strictly follow instructions from fashionable magazines. Whether it is worth spending so many forces and time?


1. Possibly, you paid attention that around some women there are always admirers even if these women are not so beautiful, and others miss in the evenings alone? At the first communication with an opposite sex proceeds with little effort, and the second hardly manage to support easy dialogue. So in what a secret?

2. Be benevolent and open. A look haughtily and cold arrogance will quicker frighten off the man, than will draw his attention. To win though the beautiful, but cold and unapproachable rock, it will be pleasant to the climber unless. Present that you talk to the friend whom you did not see long ago – it will help to defuse some tensions.

3. Do not try to seem cleverer, than you are actually. The girls uttering the learned academic phrase with a clever look look comically. Even if you will manage to mislead the man on the first appointments, in the future he all the same will understand that in you the present and that - no. Besides, not without reason say that silence – gold. To look the educated person, it is sometimes rather simple to be silent.

4. Do not change. Leave obviously expressed languid sighs and views for a scene. If the man really interests you, gloss also will be so noticeable in your eyes. Even if you resort to nonverbal ways of seduction, they have to look naturally. Be trained in front of the mirror. Gestures which you use should not drop out of the general model of your behavior.

5. You learn to listen to the man and to accurately send a conversation to that course which is pleasant to you. Do not interrupt the interlocutor. That the man became interested in you, you should show first of all interest in it, and this interest has to be sincere. Ask questions so that the man at the answer could reveal himself. But you do not sit as the investigator on interrogation, the man has to see reaction to the words.

6. Be flexible in communication. Be able to reconstruct at change of a situation. Even if you in details thought over the behavior, learn to depart from the plan. Actually, in advance thought over scenario will only disturb you. It will not allow to relax, and you will be nervous every time when something goes not so.

7. Not at each woman it turns out to develop such strategy at which it can fascinate the man, at the same time having arranged everything so as if the initiative proceeded from him, and then to support in him passion long goals. Such persons are the strongest analysts and manipulators therefore they also became history. It is unlikely you treat their number. Just remain yourself. Confidence and naturalness – not less powerful weapon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team