How to bring up the girl

How to bring up the girl

Parents have to bring up the girl from the girl, but not all are teachers by nature. Therefore beginning joint life with the young man, some girls often face discontent of the partner in an occasion of their character and inability to conduct economy. If the man is rather wise, then he can bring up the girl such what he wants to see near himself, without altering character of darling.


1. Care for it and you watch yourself as exactly the unwillingness to lose you and will become the main incentive in order that she wanted to change something in herself.

2. Sometimes it is useful to hint that you do not like, for example, a disorder in kitchen. It will make everything that you did not consider it the idler. In order that everything passed in the peaceful course, help it with cleaning.

3. Praise it that she made on economy what she hates. Show that it became in your eyes an ideal after the feats made by it.

4. Support in it feeling that she is loved and desired.

5. Romanticism and an intrigue – great assistants in education of the girl. The bouquet of flowers, several gentle words, a visit of cinema, jewelry store or in shop of lingerie will become great encouragement for fixing of results. And at the same time you will be in her eyes a hero.

6. The man has to remember that disputes to achieve nothing. It is necessary to agree with the girl, but to make in own way only partly as if to go too far, it is possible to provoke scandal. Make concessions.

7. Do not forget that, demanding from the girl it is necessary to be changed, change also to you that it was also interesting to her with you and was to what to aspire. Be sure of themselves, are consecutive, gentle. Do not forget to bring a riddle in your relations, and then the girl will seek to become for you perfect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team