How to call the mother-in-law

How to call the mother-in-law

Among daughters-in-law the set of various legends and myths about such important character of family life as the husband's mother goes. And, if for the man the main stronghold of the evil is the mother-in-law, then for the woman this role is carried out by the mother-in-law. And for establishment of good relations between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law it is necessary to be defined how to the young girl to call mother of the darling.


1. How you will call the mother-in-law, in many respects depends on what traditions are observed by family of the husband. To learn, how exactly to the girl to call the mother-in-law, she has to in a personal conversation with mother of the husband. Such conversation can directly take place in day of a wedding. But in wedding efforts it will be very difficult "to catch" the groom's mother for a sincere conversation with the daughter-in-law therefore this question needs to be resolved either to, or after a wedding.

2. Some mothers-in-law choose option with the address to them on a name middle name. You should not think that this manifestation of mistrust. "Mother" — such word which for each person can have the value and the emotional tone. Therefore not any mother-in-law is ready to admit from the wife of the son "mother" to her party, also as well as not all daughters-in-law can address mother of the husband thus. For this reason the way of the address on a name middle name is very convenient in that case.

3. Some young mothers-in-law can ask that daughters-in-law called them only by name. Such choice is clear: each woman in soul feels like always the young eighteen-year-old girl therefore it is difficult for them to reconcile to the fact that they already hold such responsible and honourable position called "mother-in-law". The similar address - an excellent opportunity is better to approach the husband's mother. The address by name promotes pleasant close communication and gives the good chance on close friendship in the future.

4. One more and most touching, related and sincere address of the daughter-in-law to mother of the husband is the word "mother". Happens that at a wedding or shows when the groom's parents on the official rights accept the choice of the son, the mother-in-law herself shows an initiative and asks the daughter-in-law to call her mother. A similar request — an important point in the relations between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. It promotes possible future friendly family relations. However sometimes mothers-in-law are shy and hesitate to offer similar. Here already daughter-in-law has to undertake an initiative, calling the mother-in-law "mother", at the same time it is not necessary to refer to the fact that it is so possible to call only the mother. The similar address will help in development of cordial relations between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law.

5. It is difficult to call the mother-in-law "mother" the first time, but it is necessary to break itself and to make it. Whether it be gratitude for warm reception and tasty dinner or just expression of the love for it. The main thing is to remember that such address in family means gentle and cordial relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team