How to calm the chest kid

How to calm the chest kid

At us the sonny, at him, as well as at all kids of his age was born recently, there were explosions of crying and shout. Babies have still an unripe nervous system so a simple conversation you will not calm him. These rules were developed by us by trial and error. Helped us.

It is required to you

  • Fitball for the adult
  • Phone with Internet connection or the radio receiver
  • Warm diaper
  • Dummy
  • Tranquility and good mood


1. A breath exhalation, calmed down. Take the kid on hands, check whether nothing disturbs the tot (a small insect in a nose, snivels, pampers ""stuck"" into skin or it needs to be changed at all, the tummy hurts). Whenever possible try to remove the cause.

2. Swaddle the kid. Not really hardly. If the child has a hysterics and he escapes - do not give in to they are act quickly, but it is accurate. You watch that it was convenient to handles and legs. Give a dummy (hold it at first that your sun did not spit out it).

3. Press the tot to yourself, sit down on a fitball and begin to rock smoothly on it. Do not shake the kid at all, he can be frightened even more. Include ""white noise"" on the radio receiver or find in the Internet and download. Include continuous reproduction. The sound has to be slightly louder than shouts of the kid. It is possible to switch off when the kid ceases to cry. Indoors do not try to obtain ""crystal"" silence, it can disturb the child too.

4. It is ready! Your kid is quiet and relaxed. You helped it to calm down and fall asleep, at the same time did not lose self-control.

5. Check temperature in the room, to the kid can be hot and if you wrap up him in a warm diaper - comfortably he will not feel. Air the room. Some kids calm down after the bathing procedures. Never you shout at the child, it will not help. The kid hopes for your help, crying he asks you to pay attention to it, help it.

6. If any of ways did not help you, the child has temperature and he does not stop crying, perhaps something strongly hurts it. So too happens. Call ""ambulance"" or see a doctor!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team