How to cause disgust for alcohol?

How to cause disgust for alcohol?

Alcoholism - a serious illness which can not always be cured and if you faced that your loved one began to abuse alcoholic drinks it is necessary to use any means and all forces to prevent a trouble. And today we will talk about how to cause disgust for alcohol and that can be applied for this purpose.

What can be poured in alcohol to cause disgust for it?

Of course, there are special medicines which are capable to cause such effect, but today we will discuss what folk remedies to achieve disgust from alcohol. The simplest and effective method, it to make tincture on bugs, even those insects who it is possible to gather in raspberry bushes will approach. For preparation of tincture find 2-3 bugs and place them in a bottle with vodka. Remove the container with alcohol for 10 days to the cool and dark room then filter drink and, having given to a bottle original state, leave it in a visible place. The effect of couple of shot glasses of such vodka on bugs will not keep itself waiting, the alcoholic will have a vomiting and the taste of vodka will not seem to it such attractive.

Also there are herbs causing disgust for alcohol, it is a centaury, a chemeritsa, a thyme creeping and kopyten European. From them tinctures which can be added to vodka too are cooked, but, it should be noted that such structures are very toxic therefore it will be more reasonable not to do them independently, and to get ready grass means in drugstore. In the instruction to these herbs it is accurately painted what dose can be added on any given amount of alcohol and how often it is possible to give similar drinks to patients. It is impossible to exceed the specified norms at all, exactly, as well as to ignore contraindications which are also specified in the instruction. Otherwise it is possible to provoke a serious poisoning and even to become responsible for a lethal outcome.


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