How to celebrate anniversary of acquaintance

How to celebrate anniversary of acquaintance

Anniversary of acquaintance - an event which is worthy to be noted. This day you met the darling that cardinally changed your life. Rough emotions, the first kiss, the first recognition – all this already behind. Arrange a real miracle for yourself and for the soulmate.

It is required to you

  • Gift, money


1. Be adjusted on festive mood. Not important, as well as where you will celebrate anniversary of memorial. The main thing what you and your darling felt happy and favourite. The base for the celebration of anniversary of acquaintance is the warm atmosphere which you have to create.

2. Present yourself new impressions. Anniversary of acquaintance can become not only romantic, but also quite extreme event. Jump with darling a tandem with a parachute or plunge with an aqualung. It will deliver the sea of unforgettable feelings and will be remembered for many years.

3. Visit two places, memorable for you. Remember how there was your acquaintance. If you got acquainted on walk in the park, bring together the soulmate there. Pass the same footpaths, sit on the same shops. It will be very romantic and pleasant. If your acquaintance happened in cafe or restaurant, reserve a table there and spend excellent evening.

4. Share all brightest reminiscence connected with your relations. Tell about the fears and emotions taking place at the first stages of acquaintance. It is possible to do it, having nestled on a sofa under a warm plaid. Make coffee or mulled wine. It will help to create the quiet and weakening atmosphere.

5. Make a romantic dinner or you go to restaurant. Prepare a gift which would symbolize your feelings to it for darling. It can be your joint photo in a pendant or unusual declaration of love.

6. Anniversary of acquaintance can become an excellent reason for more serious actions. For example, this day you can make the soulmate proposal or suggest to live together. Try to make so that this day was filled for many years.

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