How to choose between the wife and the mistress

How to choose between the wife and the mistress

Love or habit, passion or stability, wife or mistress? If you face such difficult choice, then it is necessary to think properly before making the decision to leave family. Analyze the relations And remain with that woman who will be able to make you happy.


1. Give yourself time. It is not necessary to hurry to leave family because of the woman whom you meet few months. Even if the passion reads off scale, give yourself year. Such interval of time, according to psychologists, is necessary in order that love ended. If after this time you are overflowed all the same by feelings, then it is possible to think of a divorce with the wife.

2. Compare household aspects of life to both women. Life consists not only of sex and romantic appointments therefore look at how your new beloved treats household chores. No feelings will save the relation if you are left day by day without dinner.

3. If in marriage you have children, then you are obliged to worry in advance how you will communicate with them if you leave family. Unostentatiously ask at the spouse, kind of she arrived in such situation. Perhaps, it will begin to interfere with your communication. In that case, it is necessary to attend to search of the good lawyer in advance. Pay attention and to how the mistress treats your children. It is unlikely to you it will be good with the woman who will not be able to fall in love and accept them.

4. Analyze the attitudes of beloveds towards you. Perhaps your marriage keeps only on a habit, and the spouse does not love you long ago. Despite passion, be critical also to feelings of the mistress. If she is much younger than you, think, perhaps she pursues the mercantile aims and just wants you to provide it.

5. Try to live some time separately both from the wife, and from the mistress. Minimize your communication by phone and the Internet. It will help you to concentrate and understand without which of them to you it is worse. Think whether you will be able to forget the years lived with the wife, to refuse a habit and the adjusted life. And also do not forget to decide whether it is easy to leave the mistress and to cease to have feeling of love. Keep in mind what cannot be tightened with the solution of this problem. If you do not want to leave the wife, but the mistress of it demands, then try to leave from pressure and try though not for long to stay faithful to the family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team