How to paste the code into the blog

How to paste the code into the blog

Unfortunately, standard functions of many blogging platforms do not allow to perform some quite simple operations. However there is an opportunity to independently add codes from other websites to HTML mode.

It is required to you

  • Own website on a blogging platform.


1. For any blog there is the set of standard images, including smiles. But some users like smiles Koloboks, and to others — their analogs. At the moment such images can be added from any website on condition of competent use of HTML editor of your blog.

2. As an example the blog on the WordPress platform will be used. First of all you need to get access to the admin panel. For this purpose pass to the website, move the cursor to an address bar and add a command "/wp-admin" without quotes. You will see the page of user authentication. Enter the login (as a rule admin) and the password.

3. Then in the left column select the Add Entry item and pass to HTML editor. At once It is necessary to tell that the code copied in the visual editor will be incorrectly displayed. The simple difference of these two editors - in HTML editor is much less than toolbar buttons.

4. Now pass to the page from which it is necessary to copy the code. Pay attention to the coding format, there is a bb-code and HTML code. It is necessary to copy the last option, having used the hot keys, or a context menu of the page. Copying is carried out by clicking of the Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert keyboard shortcut.

5. Return to the editor of the page on the website and make an object insert from a clipboard. For this purpose click Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert. Also you can use the Insert command from a context menu. For viewing the image on the page it is enough to click "Browse". In a new tab or in a new window the preview of the new page will appear. If its contents suit you, click "Publish".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team