How to choose the groom

How to choose the groom

In the twenty first age of the woman proved that not only men are able to make decisions and has the right to choose to reflect with whom to start a family, the weaker sex too. And, despite the standard opinion that several women are the share of one man, on the way of each of us a certain number of men who apply for our hand and heart meets.

1. Often we pay attention to advantages of men, but it is necessary to remember also their shortcomings. Here let's dwell upon the last. He is too hasty. There is an opinion that women hurry under a wreath, but recently men do not concede to us: literally after several appointments the offer of a hand follows and whether it here is the offer of heart – a question! Do not fall to it into arms with shout: "Yes!". Think well whether it is worth connecting the life with almost unfamiliar man? Without a doubt, you need to know the friend better.

2. He is helpless. Often we want to see in our elect the defender and a strong, reliable support, but such type of men who look for all this in the woman meets. Think whether such man is necessary to you? What will he be able to make for you? You do not want to be a head of the family in literal sense!

3. He is an unemployed. This most important negative quality of each man. If you hope that he will see reason and will find work when you become engaged, it does not happen! You need confidence in the future and stable income, the man without work will not give you it. Think whether the groom who cannot earn on rings is necessary to you?

4. He is jealous. Let's not argue that each woman wants her to be jealous. Naturally, it will be pleasant to you if your groom shows moderate jealousy, but, consider, excessive can develop into a despotism. The jealous man is psychologically unbalanced or itself feels for himself a sin. Your life will turn into the continuous report: where you were with whom, why were late from work. Also forget about meetings with girlfriends, will seem to your elect, as there you change him! Before stopping on him the choice, look narrowly, the feeling of jealousy reads off scale at it or not.

5. It is dependent. Dependence - the bad quality and is not important what we depend your groom on: games, smoking, alcohol, mother, eventually. If your elect cannot or does not want, to get rid what is even worse of dependence, do not hope that the wedding will change something.

6. It is aggressive. Whether the groom who provokes you is necessary to you, is rude, offends and the more so, raises a hand against you? No! Do not try to change it, practice shows that such men do not change. These are psychological problems which it is necessary to treat, and you to it were not employed by the doctor therefore the choice for you.

7. How to choose the groom, to solve only to you, feel heart, but think only the head. In each man there are shortcomings, but if they are unrecoverable, do not turn the life into a nightmare, better still reflect!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team