How to deprive of the husband of inclination to itself: appearance

In family life there are moments when the inclination of the husband to the wife weakens - temporarily or forever. But before complaining of male inconstancy, it is necessary to estimate the words and acts. Perhaps women also do everything to push away from themselves darling?

Having married, many women relax and cease to watch the appearance. They absolutely forget one of the main precepts of the woman living with the beloved: to be desired. How it is possible to deprive of the husband of desire to devote free time to own wife?

Often after a marriage of the woman allow the husband to see much more, than it is necessary. Any man will be cooled by untidiness in the relations. Whatever were relatives of the relation between spouses, it is impossible to overstep the bound behind which there are especially personal, intimate belongings. And what liberated was not the woman, she has to remember: what is hidden concerns and not that "climbs in eyes".

It is easy for man to lose sexual interest in the woman who defiles on the apartment in untidy clothes, with hair curlers, with the face smeared with a "curative", but frightening mask. It is better to do all these procedures not "in the eyes".

Home clothing has to be convenient and clean, with a pleasant smell, it is not necessary to neglect also an esthetics. Excessive "ogolennost" can irritate most of men. The nakedness which becomes habitual ceases to concern and attract. It is better to leave "seductive" dresses for the bedroom where they are appropriate more, than, for example, in kitchen.

Smells are important for the man. The suffocating kitchen smell which is absorbed in clothes, skin and hair can push away the man. It is impossible to forget also about intimate hygiene. The unpleasant smell in "delicate" situations is capable to deprive the man of love inclination easily and for a long time.

The woman has to smell well. It does not mean that it is necessary to pour out on itself bottles of perfume and to abuse deodorants. Perhaps, your husband has aromatic preferences? Use them as advantage. "Note" of the aroma loved by the husband is capable to concentrate its attention and to wake bright emotions.

As for cosmetics, in measured family life bright cosmetics can bring an alienation note. Many husbands love when the woman of the house does in general without cosmetics. The man perceives the washed, clean woman's face as something, personal, native. Cosmetics, according to feelings of most of men, is intended for the outside world, for all others. And certainly to go to bed with the husband, without having washed away "a fighting coloring", is not necessary.

Many married couples lose feeling of a healthy distance peculiar to normal relationship of floors. Remember that, for example, the man should not see intimate hygienic procedures. And the open door in a toilet when you are there, will not add to the relations either romanticism, or a charm.

It is not necessary to turn communication into infinite clarifications of nuances of own appearance. "I not strongly recovered?", "I do not look old?", whether "There is to me this dress?", "As to you my new lipstick?" All these and similar questions are capable to electrify a negative a home atmosphere.

The man with ease will forgive you a lot of things, will not notice your extra kilos or two-three of wrinkles. But if to exasperate him a takogorod with inquiries, then it is possible not only to bring him to white heat, but also to provoke not a quite benevolent captious look. Then all your misses will turn back against you, and can cause permanent decrease in men's interest in your person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team