How to determine marital status by appearance: 5 differences of the married woman

How to determine marital status by appearance: 5 differences of the married woman

There is an opinion that women prior to a wedding look much better, than during marriage. I consider some that married women just cease to pay attention to the appearance.

Men's look

Married and lonely girls look differently. Men are sure that these two categories of women strongly differ from each other. And it is quite simple to distinguish them. Especially, as they consider that it is better than guys of it nobody will make.

There are 5 signs on which men distinguish marital status of ladies.

Look. According to the stronger sex, at the married woman the look of the hunter who appraisingly considers each counter man disappears. The unmarried considers the man as the potential production, and the married already caught the production and on it calmed down.

Though, some consider that there are women who throughout all the life prefer to conduct hunting for men.

External image. According to men, the married looks more womanly. As she is able to afford to put on as she wants. Then, as the unmarried is forced by the clothes to entice men. Character. Men noticed that as soon as the woman marries, her character becomes much quieter. She should not struggle with competitors for the free man any more or to fight him off another. Shopping. Some, especially attentive men noticed that the married goes shopping generally on the days off. For them the visit of shop is escape from a family routine. And for the unmarried the days off are time of appointments therefore for them shopping takes place on weekdays. The different companies for carrying out leisure. According to men, in the companies where married couples generally meet it is seldom possible to meet the lonely lady. And the married woman practically does not attend a party of bachelors.

Female look

Of course, women for certain will not agree with male such opinion. They are sure that guys niskolechko do not understand the female nature. Here 5 signs of difference which called women. A wedding ring on a finger. Difficult will not agree with it, but now many girls carry it, being not married.

In the same way and married women remove a ring, considering that it impedes the implementation of household chores or advance on a career ladder.

Married goes home with packages of products on all family in the evenings. The woman in marriage all the time hurries somewhere or as the well-known secretary of companion Kaluginoy told: "all will shrink and scratches, scratches, without noticing anything around". The married lady practically does not carry a make-up, not before the husband to flaunt. Foreign wife on the street is not lost in contemplation of foreign men, God forbid "" will see. Everyone can agree or not with these statements. These are just generalized versions of many answers, both from the stronger sex, and from fine. If desired, everyone can express the opinion other than the above-mentioned.

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