How to disaccustom the husband to smoke

How to disaccustom the husband to smoke

If your man smokes too much, any requests and arrangements do not help, you should not give up. Smoking is an addiction which it is not so easy to refuse therefore each woman has to understand it. Whether there is a reliable way to disaccustom the person to this habit?


1. In drugstore the set of medicine which helps to cope with this problem is sold. Buy the young man tablets from smoking and force it them to eat on one when it wants to light once again.

2. If medicines do not help, then begin to act in a different way, for example, invite him in restaurant where do not smoke, but in advance you do not tell it to him, present him with a fait accompli. Perhaps, he will begin to be nervous, but do not begin to be nervous together with him, continue your conversation.

3. You leave with it together in theater, cinema. There he will also be limited in smoking. Hardly he will run to smoke during the session.

4. Try to praise it if he did not smoke the whole three hours. Tell it that he nevertheless is able to cope with this problem.

5. If you together long expected a baby, and at last it happened, ask the man not to smoke, perhaps, at him to appear the sense of responsibility, pleasures and even desires.

6. If to the young man not to leave off smoking in any way, ask him that he did not smoke at least the house and the more so at your presence.

7. If you smoke, try to throw together. Perhaps, both will have an incentive to give up smoking. Try to throw by a dispute method who will longer not smoke, that also will win. This you will not depend together on nicotine, and the number of the smoked cigarettes will decrease, and further will come to naught.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team