How to find mutual understanding with the husband

How to find mutual understanding with the husband

Many wives decide to file for a divorce, when there is no mutual understanding with the husband. And prior to a wedding it seemed that you - a single whole, at you is a set of common interests, and ahead long life in love and harmony. But marriage still can be saved if to make for it efforts, female wisdom and patience.


1. Understand its psychology. Men differ from women, they think and feel differently. Because of it there can be no mutual understanding. The man treats your efforts, requests, your experiences not as you want that, not because to him all the same but because he is in a different way suited. Jack Gray in the book "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" well tells about it.

2. Do not limit and do not control the husband. Its freedom is of great importance for the man. It is very important to it to stay alone with the thoughts, to do favorite thing. If he once a week wants to meet the friends, allow it it to reach mutual understanding with the husband. You can also go with the girlfriends to cafe, register in gym or find for yourself a new hobby.

3. Accept the husband it what he is. Do not try to change the husband for yourself. In each person there are shortcomings. Time you married this person – means, you like certain qualities in it. So try to see in it only good, closing eyes to shortcomings. If you seriously do not like some of its actions, then quietly talk to the husband and in details explain that you want from him and what it is necessary for.

4. You do not harbor in yourself a grudge at the husband. If you are silent all the time, accumulating in yourself all negative, then it will not be possible to reach mutual understanding with the husband. Once you will break and will swear, and the husband will not understand the reason. Express, at the same time specifically give the reason for your discontent, without raising the voice.

5. You learn to communicate and listen. Sometimes mutual understanding between spouses disappears because they talk less or all the time interrupt each other. The wife is busy with children and the economic affairs, and the husband vanishes in a garage or watches TV. Find each other more time for communication. You go together to walk to the park or in restaurant and talk.

6. Leave office problems in a workplace. Yesterday you could, having come home, to see the husband behind the TV, to approach and kiss him. And today because of problems at work you come home and break on the husband that he sits in front of the TV again and does nothing. If there is no mutual understanding with the husband, then first of all look for the reason in yourself, in the mood. Women are known for differences of mood and the increased aggression in certain days therefore in certain cases the husband can be and not and.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team