How to find the husband's mistress

How to find the husband's mistress

The question of possible treason torments not only jealous wives, from time to time he visits also the women confident in the partner in life. Disturbing guesses do not allow you to sleep peacefully? Try to learn whether you have a real reason for concern.


1. Try not to read the husband's SMS, you do not monitor his communications in "Schoolmates". The habit deeply watch can take roots in you, and even innocent acquaintances of the spouse will cause suspicions. Besides, it will be difficult to you to justify itself if he solves your maneuver.

2. Just observe behavior of the spouse. If suddenly it had new hobbies, do not hurry to be annoyed with the fact that he absolutely lost interest in you. Suggest to give a ride to him to the destination – fitness club or a lecture hall where it vanishes day without a break now.

3. Then you need only to register in trial class in water aerobics in the same club, without reporting about it to the husband. You make nothing shameful, just restore health. And the fact that you saw how your spouse sees off the pretty blonde – mere chance. Look that he will tell in the justification.

4. New communications often get at work. Make friends with colleagues of the husband or glance to him in office without prevention at the end of the working day. Tell that you missed. You will understand whether in the business he is detained by late works involving all hands or romantic dinners by candlelight.

5. Do not neglect the general companies. Perhaps, old acquaintances it is aware of details of private life of your spouse. It will be simple to learn from them a name of the competitor.

6. If because of alarms you finally lost a dream and appetite, decide on a last resort – employ the private detective. However, if your suspicions are groundless, and the detective will confirm it, visit the psychologist. Not superfluous will be to understand why you so worry about fidelity of the husband.

7. The best way to learn a name of the competitor – a direct conversation. It is impossible to hide the real feeling if the novel on the party threatens your family wellbeing, the spouse will not be able to conceal anything. If as the guerrilla on interrogation, he refuses to speak about treason, do not insist. Perhaps, his hobby purely Platonic and quickly will take place.

8. Deciding on radical measures, wonder whether you are ready to know a name of the potential destructor of the family center. Perhaps, you should not give vent to the curiosity, it will come to naught sooner or later, and to live, feeling bitterness of treachery of the loved one, is not simple at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team