How to force the guy to run for itself

How to force the guy to run for itself

When the relations of two people become less ardent or reach a deadlock, guys begin to pay attention to other girls. That it did not happen, you can force the beloved to run for you again.

How again to achieve close attention of the guy

If you want the young man whose feelings cooled down a little to begin to run for you again, first of all, you need to leave him alone. Kind of strange did not sound, but it really works. Do not demand from it meetings, do not bother with messages and calls. Devote all the free time to self-improvement. Be engaged in improvement of the appearance, find to yourself interesting occupation. Such actions you will be able to let know to the beloved what will be his life if you are not near. Over time he will understand how much you did for it, will begin to miss you and itself will show an initiative of resumption of your former cordial relations.

Show to the soulmate that you are pleasant also to other men. Flirt with someone in the presence of the guy, cause in him jealousy. He has to see that men pay attention to you. If your guy really is afraid to lose you, he will start surely over again running for you.

Perhaps, from the moment of the beginning of your relations you started the appearance a little, for example, gained couple of extra kilos or began to afford total absence of a make-up, being near the young man. Urgently correct it. Go on a diet, begin to eat properly, play sports, be fond of active holiday, surprise the guy with the beautiful make-up, a new hairstyle or orders underlining advantages of your body. He has to look at you with the eyes full of admiration again.

What else can be made in order that the guy began to run for you

Effective way on return of passion of the guy is a game in "Further-closer". It consists in continuous heating of emotions in the relations. Today you have to surround the beloved with attention, heat and care, to say to him about how you need it, and tomorrow to cancel your meeting and to cease to answer its calls. Next day again behave so, as if nothing terrible occurred. Such behavior will create between you a certain intrigue and will trigger curiosity of your soulmate. Try to become the girl of his dream. During your relations you already for certain know what female qualities attract your darling and what push away. Begin to act, using this information. The guy has to understand that nobody will be able to replace to him you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team