How to force the husband to love the wife

How to force the husband to love the wife

After several years of joint life some spouses perceive each other as an object of habitualness and daily occurrence. There are no former passion, gentle kisses and mutual understanding. The wise woman, having seen the occurring picture, tries to return former love of the spouse.


1. In order that the husband was still fallen in love the darling, the spouse needs to watch the appearance. Surprise the husband with an extravagant hairstyle, a courageous image. Replace the daily house dressing gown with something mysterious and romantic. Be not afraid to experiment. Having become the effective and irresistible woman, you will draw attention of many males that, undoubtedly, the spouse will force to worry enough and to remember what you beautiful at it. Certainly, it will spill out a hunting instinct to gaining the half.

2. After the first stage "shake-ups" be engaged in the hobbies and a hobby closely. Plunge into the world of painting or dance, the photo or music. Play on feeling of jealousy of the husband. Expand a circle of acquaintances and friends. After such actions the husband will obviously not remain indifferent to you and will think of the fact that you the interesting personality whom he up to the end did not reveal. Also he will spill out pride of the talented spouse.

3. For this purpose that the spouse fell in love with you with a former force, it is necessary to listen carefully to news and events about which he excitedly tells. The main objective of the woman is to be the good friend, the adviser and the mentor. When these conditions are satisfied, do not doubt, the husband with impatience will come back home and to tell about all pleasures and problems only to you. You in his eyes not only the spouse, but also the loyal friend to whom he can will trust as nobody else.

4. If you want to return love of the husband, you do not call him several times in the course of the day concerning trifling affairs and offenses. Men are very much bothered by such type of persuasive women which every second seeks to control actions of a strong half of mankind. Do not forget to watch also purity and order in the house. Make to the spouse a magnificent dinner, ""the way to heart of the man lies through his stomach"". Then the gourmet will become kinder, more tender and more gentle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team