How to force the wife to stop drinking

How to force the wife to stop drinking

Female alcoholism is much more terrible men's. It develops more quickly and has too serious consequences. But, as a rule, women to the last hide the addiction. Therefore to calculate this problem very difficult.


1. Find out for what reason of the spouse began to drink. Female alcoholism just like that does not develop. It develops only if the woman received (or, perhaps, and now receives) a severe psychological injury. Remove the cause and its consequences. And only then begin to convince the wife to throw to drink.

2. Talk to it about harm of alcoholism as often as possible. But try to avoid charges and insults. Your task is to convince her that alcohol is not necessary to it. If you convinced her of it, time to carry out treatment came. Most likely, not to do without it, the dependence is shown not only on psychological, but also at the physiological level. And not take alcohol can be it is physically impossible.

3. Pick up a course of treatment which will cause in you more trust. At the moment there is a huge number of ways. It both acupuncture, and coding, and hypnosis, and plots, and acceptance of medicines. In total it is simple not to count. But they help only if the person himself decided to stop drinking. To violently force the person (especially the woman) it is impossible to refuse alcohol.

4. If the result did not appear, and the woman everything also continues to take alcohol, it is worth frightening her. Pick up drops or tablets without taste and a smell which in connection with alcohol cause unpleasant feelings. At the moment such medicines there is a set.

5. Imperceptibly add it medicine to food or drink. At the following acceptance of alcohol of the spouse will feel unwell. Perhaps, it from the first will not stop it. But after a while she will understand that because of alcohol her health worsens.

6. Frighten her of consequences. Tell about the strokes, heart attacks and lethal outcomes caused by alcoholism. Describe in detail what waits for it if she does not stop drinking. Fear – means in fight against alcoholism is powerful. And if and it did not help, then chances that the spouse will stop drinking, it is not enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team