How to forget the past and to begin new life?

How to forget the past and to begin new life?

In attempt to begin new life the past can be a serious barrier. That to overcome it, some people need many forces and time. However such work on the consciousness is very important and, having executed it, the person will feel inflow of new forces and desire to move on life further at once.

How to start new life with a clean slate?

During the crisis and post-crisis period it is difficult to many people to understand how it is possible to forget the past and to begin new life. At this time the person is impregnated with negative emotions and is ready only for a negative. Therefore work on the consciousness for the purpose of its change in a positive side becomes the main objective. To cope with a negative and to begin new life, it is possible to apply such councils of the psychologist:

  1. Do not mask and do not ignore the past. Recognize that what was, happened actually. Tell about the past which you want to forget, or write about it on paper. Be teased and worry.
  2. Admit the fact that negative experience is experience too therefore from it it is necessary to draw certain conclusions.
  3. Realize that the past is an important vital stage which cannot be changed in any way. However it is possible to change the future. For this purpose it is necessary to think of vital plans and the purposes. For those who do not know what to begin new life with planning has to become the first step. It is necessary to paint accurately the desirable purposes and to commensurate them with the opportunities. When planning it is necessary to remember that the purposes have to be real and achievable and also have concrete dates of performance.
  4. Begin to lead new life. Perhaps, for this purpose it is necessary to leave some things or people. Do not regret for them, otherwise they will involve you in a habitual track again. Surround yourself with new things and new acquaintances who will help you begin closer to the planned purpose.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team