How to get rid of the mistress of my husband

How to get rid of the mistress of my husband

If you are sure that you are changed by the husband, but tries to suppress from you this fact, it means that you are still very dear to it. Therefore you should not row. For one man it is enough to learn that his wife had an admirer, and he, having been jealous, hurries to win the woman again. Until he is busy with it, to him will precisely have no time for the mistress. Quite another matter, if the husband not just seeks physical satisfaction elsewhere, and is seriously keen on the competitor. Here it is necessary to work immediately if you seek to keep family.


1. If you do not know who exactly is a competitor, try to learn: check the list of its telephone contacts, look narrowly at a corporate party at his colleagues, perhaps, you recognize the possible competitor by a smell of perfume. Or listen to persistent calls the from "well-wishers" reporting about location of your spouse in the company of other woman and so on …

2. Not only that you have to make toilet externally, lose weight or recover, – it depends on preferences of your man, - but also to try to get rid of the competitor.

3. If you already know who is its passion, you can make friends with it, then will easier control a situation and to get rid of the competitor.

4. If you are familiar for a long time with it, invite her more often to yourself to the house. And then try to discredit it in the opinion of the husband.

5. It is ideal if you call guests and you will try you will acquaint the husband's mistress with some bachelor. Then, if she gathers for an appointment with other man, and your husband learns from you about it in strict confidence, then he will not be sure so of fidelity of this girl any more.

6. If the competitor is ready seriously and expects to destroy your marriage, then you can quite spoil her reputation in the opinion of the family and the administration, friends and colleagues. It is possible just to call and tell about its "adventures".

7. If the girl calls your husband, call her at the slightest pretext, without giving a long break for rest. Suggest to talk seriously.

8. Place its questionnaire on dating sites. Give the phone number to admirers. For certain, the fact that his mistress communicates with foreign men will be to the taste to your husband not.

9. Show in the presence of the competitor tenderness in relation to the husband. The girl most likely will begin suit him hysterics out of jealousy. And you in any situation try to keep calm and goodwill.

10. Do not refuse to the husband proximity if he to you stretches. Yours steadiness and care can become to return decisive factors which will push the man to a thought there where he is loved really.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team