How to give pleasure to the woman

How to give pleasure to the woman

It is possible to give pleasure to the woman a set of ways. And if you sincerely want it, then is not difficult to choose it at all. Be guided by what tells you own heart.


1. Everything depends on your imagination and opportunities. When you know tastes of the woman, to deliver to her pleasure - as easy as shelling pears. Make a romantic dinner or just a dinner – disposal of cooking will give pleasure to any woman. Make by it massage or present it the subscription on massage in salon, professionals will make all - you will get the words of gratitude. Wash the dishes. Plant a flower in a pot. You take children in a zoo, and the woman let will just relax at this time from daily cares.

2. Present it what she dreams just like that, without cause of. Or what does not dream of, but that would not refuse to have. Give a compliment to its figure, a hairstyle, shoes, volume as it it is delightful something prepares. By all means ask the second portion. For the woman it is the best praise. Write to SMS that you miss. Call without cause, tell that it is the best. Meet it after work, and bring to restaurant, but not home. Or home, where will wait for the ordered dinner. On the way from grocery store come into department of linen and buy the woman something thoughtless and air.

3. Flowers – a universal way to give to the woman pleasure. Even the nice flower in a pot or a small tangerine tree will approach. Though the very best best way to give pleasure to the woman is to embrace her and to whisper on an ear: "I love you".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team