How to improve the relation with the girl

How to improve the relation with the girl

Let's assume that you already achieved attention and arrangement of the girl who was pleasant to you and you together, but to here improve really good relations does not leave in any way. Today we will try to tell you about what needs to be made in order that everything really left.

It is required to you

  • Strong desire that everything turned out also sincere love.


1. Sometimes the relations do not develop because partners do not hear each other, and, there is it very much and very often. If everything put only in it, I offer you option of straight talk after which surely sum up the results: let everyone will tell that he understood the main thing and heard, in a different way you will not understand that you managed to inform the darling and that is not present.

2. To understand, forgive. This superpopular phrase from a comedy show known to all, as well as possible is suitable for situations when you constantly quarrel. So, here, you should not reckon in that case with pride, reject it for a while, and at least within several weeks after each quarrel apologize even if also you were wrong. Having reconciled, you, for certain, will come later to a common denominator, and after the ardent quarrel both of you can really spoil the relations rash words and acts – avoid it.

3. Even if the girl offers you an obvious nonsense, try to agree, but to make all the same in own way. So you with guarantee will save also yourself, from need to explain why the proposal of the darling – totally ludicrous, and it, from feeling that you not only do not understand it, but also consider silly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team