How to improve the relations with the husband's friends

How to improve the relations with the husband's friends

Becoming family, couple not only the spouse, but also all his communications receives. It can concern parents, children from the former marriage and also the friendly relations. The man will estimate if you are able to make friends with his friends. Therefore it is worth finding ways to join the company and to make a good impression.

Be not an owner. The biggest mistake of women is to forbid the husband to seem friends, to keep ringing everyone half an hour or not to release its one. From such pressure not only the man will awkwardly feel, but also his friends. Such control will show you jealous, and your spouse — the henpecked.

Enter into their company

You spend with them more time. It is difficult to improve the relations with the husband's friends if you do not see each other at all. If they do not invite you to the sit-round gathering, suggest to meet in couples and to take a walk together. Choose pastime, considering the interests of all company: restaurant, bar, shish kebabs outdoors or departure with tents to mountains. It is the best of all to arrange a dinner at home where you will independently prepare tasty dishes and you will prove to be the hospitable hostess.

Find common interests or study the interesting their topics. If it is difficult to you to be defined independently, ask the spouse to help. He well knows also you, and the friends, and for certain will prompt what it is possible to talk about. As a last resort it is possible to speak on popular subjects – movies, books, sport or the latest world news. Find a common language with girls or wives of his friends. When the company gathers in couples, you need to make friends with a female part of collective. Then you get support, will not feel left at meetings. If you are pleasant to women, then their halves will treat you kindly too. Men like to help women therefore it is possible to use this weakness. Ask to help you with simple business. For example, to choose a gift to your spouse or to organize a party surprise. Until you are engaged in joint business, you will be able to approach and make friends with the husband's friends.

Be at the best

Be not beaten out from the company. Often happens so that having gone with the husband's friends, the girl demands too much and is capricious, does not support a joke, argues on unimportant questions much or in a different way opposes herself to the company. Such capricious girls to very few people are pleasant, all wait for simple and easy communication. You joke more. Men love girls with sense of humour therefore inserting ridiculous jokes to the place, you without problems will be included into any company. But you do not joke on the guy or attendees, especially at first. Choose neutral jokes or tell in a subject couple of amusing cases from the life. But if you do not differ in good sense of humour, it is not recommended to use this method. The unsuccessful attempt can seriously spoil your reputation.

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