How to joke with girls

How to joke with girls

Good sense of humour - line which men want to possess and which girls want to see in them. Guys have to understand that a joke, even in their opinion rather harmless and ridiculous, it is possible to touch or offend the woman.

As it is correct to joke with girls

Before beginning to joke, it is necessary to study character of the girl, to learn that she loves and what treats with a negative. Among women there are persons who like parodies to interesting manners of people, and someone considers it the bad relation and disrespect for these people.

It is very good when between the guy and the girl personal jokes which meaning is clear only to them are created. Find any good point from joint life and think up a joke which can be remembered not once.

It is also possible to play a trick on merits of your girl and to avoid ridiculing of her shortcomings, just it is better to hint about them, than a joke to aggravate a situation. The main thing, you look it in the face and smile, all this will stand on friendly hind legs of your jokes.

The ability to pick up a joke is also high, as well as ability to pick up a compliment. Guys who can amuse are interesting to girls. The main thing, in such business - ability to improvise. The prepared jokes are welcomed too, but at first test them on friends not to come to grief before the lady.

As it is impossible to joke with girls

Here everything is not as simple as it seems. If for the guy any joke seems ridiculous, not the fact that the girl will be too laughs at it. It depends also on perception of jokes at guys and girls which differs radically, and from events during which the joke and from what it derided was told. You do not joke during sex and about sex. Guys who joke with the girl about sex if only they are not engaged in it with her are considered as anxious. Also you should not joke during sex as susceptibility of the weaker sex to humour at these moments change.

If in your jokes any sarcastic, derisive or spiteful notes are traced, it will speak about your discontent with the girl or her company.

Do not deride appearance of the woman. Even if there is though some defect on her body, it is not necessary to do it. It is not necessary to joke also on its cosmetics, girls try to do everything to look even more attractive. You do not joke on her ex-boyfriends even if it to you is not too nice. The girl at the subconscious level will protect it, and you can swear because of it. Be careful in the choice of jokes when your girl is pregnant. Its mentality strongly changed, and you have to consider it. Death it is similar to joke on pregnancy of the girl.

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