How to keep romanticism in the relations for a long time

How to keep romanticism in the relations for a long time

The beginning of the novel which is called the buketno-candy period, – the greatest time in the relations. Unfortunately, this period comes to an end sooner or later and passes into a new phase. And as there is a wish to preserve gentle and passionate emotions! To keep romanticism in the relations as long as possible, not much efforts are required.

The main condition for maintaining romanticism – attention to the darling. You already know what for certain will give it joy therefore from time to time indulge him. It can be both a favourite dish, and tickets for a concert, and the subscription to the gym, and a meeting with friends …

Leave together on the nature or in travel more often. Change of a situation recovers feelings.

Arrange romantic dinners at restaurant. It is possible to have supper beautifully and at home, only without watching TV and discussion of household problems, and just enjoying society of each other.

Do surprises, surprise each other more often, be not afraid of experiments including intimate. It can be also juicy notes in unexpected places, both role-playing games, and sex linen and just lack of linen!

Surely you praise each other and give compliments. The words of approval from darling sound sweet music, especially when it is told in the presence of others.

Talk heart-to-heart, frankly you share the experiences, fears, doubts with darling. Confidential conversations will not allow to get into your relations to a chill and disappointments.

By all means you watch the appearance, do not get out of hand when the first passions already ceased. Certainly, sincere qualities are very important, but remember that your darling has to be proud of you in society. By the way, and at home it is necessary to look adequately not to lose appeal.

The name "buketno-candy period" has to prompt to the man: you give to the beloved flowers and candies, besides not only on March 8 and on a birthday. It will be especially estimated if the gift is presented without traditional occasion, and it is exclusive as the sign of love. The loving woman too will always find an opportunity to give a gift, not obligatory the road.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team