How to learn whether the girl is in love

How to learn whether the girl is in love

Not all guys know that it is enough to observe only the girl, and she the behavior will report about everything that interests you. Thus you will be able to learn even about its feelings to you.


1. For a start it is necessary to remember that if the girl is in love, more she cannot think of anything. All her thoughts are occupied only by one representative of an opposite sex. A conversation it all the same reduces any only to one – her beloved. And if the girl decides to hide the feelings, all the same in a talk with colleagues, friends and mutual friends she will speak about you. Stories about where and when she saw you in what you were dressed as you behaved, you communicate with it will become the most favourite subject for it or not. Know if you are indifferent for the girl, she hardly about you will talk to the girlfriends.

2. Talking to you, the girl in love will always be kind, open and smiling. She with great interest listens to everything what you speak about, and not only listens, but also remembers. She emphasizes for herself each trifle, each word told by you. You want to check whether the girl loves you – ask it an issue which you discussed with it a few weeks ago. If the woman answers quickly and correctly, most likely, she really loves you.

3. Remember that the most sure signs of behavior of the girl in love are the praises stated to the guy; the girl does not want to tell to a subject of the adoration about the any details of intimate life; her mood spoils as soon as the guy begins to talk about other girls; private life of her beloved attracts great interest of it. It concerns hobby, work, study, progress. The lady in love constantly is interested as there passed your day, blindly trusts everything that you tell her, and is even ready to share and communicate with you day without a break.

4. If the woman falls in love with someone, she tries to surround with attention and care of this young man. Perhaps, she will constantly invite him on a visit to tea and to feed with a tasty dinner, will begin to be interested in its problems and to offer the free aid.

5. If you want to understand what feelings the girl has to you, attentively watch her eyes. They are capable to tell about the person more, than someone or something else. People in love are ready to look at an object of the desires long enough. For example, if at other people of people looks no more than 1-3 seconds, at the beloved 5-7. Do not forget that the love works real miracles. If the girl loves you, she, without noticing that, begins to change: appearance, hairstyle, figure, clothes and, of course, behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team