How to learn whether you are necessary to the man

How to learn whether you are necessary to the man

Sometimes the men's sympathy is not quite obvious. Some men express the feelings implicitly, and women need only to guess true intentions. How to distinguish sure signs of attention?


1. Take a closer look at the man more attentively. Perhaps, he tried to open for you the feelings more than once, but you did not take him seriously. If once you refused the invitation in cafe, forgot to call back to it or preferred to spend days off with the girlfriend, he could stop simply all trying to draw your attention. But it does not mean that you are not necessary to it.

2. Important sign of his big interest – genuine attention to everything that happens to you. To it not only how you look, but also what you think of and that you feel is important. He can not notice that you have a new handbag, but he will be sincerely caused anxiety by your cold or just bad mood.

3. To it it is important with whom you spend the time, and he is nervous when he learns that among your friends there are many lonely men. Sometimes these emotions are shown implicitly, but they are rather obvious. Alas, if the man does not show the slightest sign of jealousy, it is hardly worth expecting from it decisive steps on rapprochement with you.

4. He does not give flowers, does not invite in a travel, does not acquaint with the friends? You do not hurry with conclusions. And unless he did not offer you the help at the dacha, did not bring to the house late at night, did not cover you before the administration, at last? Not all men of romanticism. Sometimes their sympathy is a readiness to help. For a start on economy.

5. You remember if you are dear to the man, he will never dare to offend you. Neither word, nor business. If in the relations you do not feel like darling, understand that you were tired to play the first violin, think whether there is this man of your attention.

6. Women quite often try to justify male coldness with the fact that the stronger sex is not inclined to bright manifestation of feelings at all. This is trueThis is trueThis is true, but the true interest it is impossible and there is no need to hide. You surely learn about it. Wait a little and allow the man to take the first step, and you will understand soon, whether you should go on life together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team