How to leave the person

How to leave the person

People already not together, but also not separately - there is also it. It seems ""externally"" left; everyone, apparently, has to have the life, - however the relations (not love, namely some unclear relations connecting two) last and last, and the end edge it is not visible to them. It, of course, prevents to build other relations and to begin a new stage in life. But comes it is time to take a step forward.

It is required to you

  • Tranquility, objective view on the events, activity.


1. The main mistake is to try everything to throw out from memory. To forget forever - thus it is possible to try to be protected from pain, but at the same time it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account what during your communication with darling you together had not only bad, but also good! It turns out that at the same time you ""will throw out"" the positive phenomena - joy, romanticism, enthusiasm, dreams, etc. Soul will become empty absolutely. And actually it is necessary to divide past events into two parts - ""the fact that what gave joy brought pain" "and" """.

2. Recognize what all of you still remember both bad, and good. You grieve, are angry, are jealous, have fun, hope. To you it is sad from understanding that a lot of things are missed and something will not return any more. You can be afraid, wait or worry concerning made.

3. Remember all the lightest and pleasant that it was connected with this person. Live these periods again.

4. And now remember what weight arose in your relations already then then. To what its character and behavior to what yours were the cause character and behavior were the cause. Remember what was wrong, - and ""otgoryuyta"", an otplachta, having put the end.

5. Address a certain principal reason (for example, God) and tell about your "former". Present that about it collect ""data"", and you are a participant of poll. Tell what this person made for you that he brought in your life. For certain he taught you to something useful. For something you to it blagoldarna still. It is possible to write about it on the sheet of paper or to tell close people.

6. If the wellbeing of this person depended on you that you wished it? And what would be transferred to children and grandsons as experience? Consider also ""blessing"" former, and ""the message to descendants"". And then make some kind act in honor of last love.

7. Find the place in the heart and give definition to the ended relations. Without the past there cannot be a future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team