How to let it know that it is pleasant to me

How to let it know that it is pleasant to me

You already long communicate with the guy, but in spite of the fact that everything is seemingly healthy, further friendship your relations do not come. Perhaps, your partner not absolutely understands your feelings so does not make up the mind to the following step. In this situation it is the best of all unostentatiously to let it know that it to you is nice, and already then to wait from it further actions.


1. Do not hesitate to call him, do so that you could see each other is more often.

2. Try to emphasize between times in a conversation the views of the relations of the man and the woman. For example, during discussion of the romantic movie casually drop a phrase that, in your opinion, the hero could guess feelings of the heroine for a long time, considering how much time she with it seeks to spend. Perhaps your friend will guess to draw a parallel.

3. Arrange "accidental" touches: touch with a lokotok, touch a shoulder. In this case your friend can not understand your feelings, but for certain he will have some, to you it on a hand too.

4. In general, if you do not want him to consider you just the girlfriend, stop to consider that yourself. For example, if he tells you about other girls, it is not necessary to pretend that you consider this talk entertaining, it is not necessary to give any advice. Of course, you should not roll up a hysterics too, but your appearance has to tell that you do not want to know other girls in his life.

5. Make the small victims. For example, if he calls you to go for a walk together, tell that at this time you were going to sit with the beloved girlfriend. And then say that the girlfriend, of course, can wait. Let knows that it is more important than girlfriends and anything else.

6. And finally, the most popular method. Let your girlfriend will "accidentally" blab out that it is pleasant to you. If something goes not so, it will be always possible to tell that all this the girlfriend's inventions. But use this method in the last turn. At good combination of circumstances your friend will understand everything independently much earlier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team