How to live without darling year

How to live without darling year

Life - difficult and many-sided piece. Today you with darling walked together, sat in cafe, and tomorrow he already from you leaves. Also leaves for the whole year. Perhaps, it was taken away in army, and, maybe, offered it the favorable contract on work in other city or even the country. Actually the reason why you leave, is not so important, and only the fact that you will not see each other of the whole 12 months is significant. This time can become the real test for your feelings, and many girls who appeared in such situation have a question: "How to live year without darling?".


1. The main council which can be given in this case is that you need to distract from the thoughts. And here is how it is possible to make it, already other question. Year without darling is a great time to be engaged in own education and career. If you study, then pay all the attention to occupations in educational institution. Perhaps, you have not passed examinations and tests? Whereas time is a high time to be engaged in "tails". Or it is possible to find time for writing course, papers, the diploma. If you already have education, then be engaged in the career. Take in hand some new and interesting project which entirely will engross your attention. Or you can do a bit of traveling at this time on business trips where you teach new experience and skills for the work.

2. If with education and work everything is good then find to yourself some hobby in which you could be engaged in the free time. Perhaps, it will be cross stitching, and the visit of the fitness center can will become that outlet which is so necessary for you.

3. Find more time for the girlfriends, friends, relatives. For certain, recently you saw each other seldom, and now there was an excellent opportunity to communicate more often. Attend together with them some cultural actions: museums, exhibitions, theaters. You go to cafe, clubs, cinema. And, perhaps, you will gather with friends and go somewhere to have a rest, for example, on the lake or to the forest.

4. Be engaged in the appearance. Change hair color, visit beauty shops, change style in clothes. And if you wanted to lose weight long ago, then now it is worth throwing on all this the forces. You represent what will be a surprise for your darling when it returns and will see you harmonious and changed.

5. Sign up for some courses or trainings. Such pastime will help not only to distract from sad thoughts of separation from darling, but also it will be useful for your personal development. Attend courses of oratorical skill where you will be taught to speak beautifully and convincingly. Or be engaged in a learning of foreign language. And can you long ago wanted to learn to sew? Then you should choose dress-making courses. Be defined that it is interesting to you.

6. But in circulation of new hobbies and impressions do not forget about the darling. Communicate with it. The benefit that now there is a mass of ways as it can be done (phone, the Internet, etc.). Also you remember, year is not so much. You will not manage to look back as it will be necessary to run to meet your darling to the station or in the airport.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team