How to live without men

How to live without men

In life there was such situation that you were left without man and begin to envy quietly the girlfriends who have them. Absolutely in vain. Actually many girlfriends envy you. Because at loneliness the mountain of pluses, and prevents to see them pressure of society.


1. Look at a situation objectively. Women earn not less men now, and even it is more that is are quite independent. There are no economic reasons to live together respectively, and not many people grew to the high-spiritual level of relationship. Therefore existence together often turns into torture.

2. Think how many energy and sincere forces leaves on what to exist together. And you can trade on all this energy only. And how many women, going to bed every day with the husband, cry in a pillow with pain and misunderstanding, feel lonely and is perfect to nobody necessary. Should itShould itShould it envying and to want it. Better without men.

3. You do not need to iron and erase mountains of men's things, for hours to stand at a plate and to hurry home after work. You have much more time, than at married women. You can play sports, read, go to the cinema and theater, to communicate with the very old friends and to look for new.

4. You will always be able not to meet more the man who after sex turns away to a wall and falls asleep. And the married woman is forced to suffer it. Perhaps, in youth you dreamed of the romantic relations: a dinner by candlelight, walks. The marriage is a little compatible to it. And you have a chance if you want it.

5. Having realized all this, you will feel the happiest! And, if you after all want to find the partner in life, then remember: the happy and self-sufficient woman attracts to herself views of men more than that at which on a face it is written "I look for the husband!"

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team