How to love without quarrels

How to love without quarrels

Everyone wants to be a part of the loving couple, and each loving couple has some disagreements, sometimes argues and even quarrels. Some conflicts lead to the best understanding of each other, others arise from scratch and nobody can remember then what everything began with? Whether it is possible to love without quarrels? In any case, it is possible to try.

It is required to you

  • Love and understanding.


1. First of all, mutual respect and to each other and to the point of view of another. Never raise the voice, you are not angry, be not called and do not hang up on another labels. As soon as you begin to shout, the constructive conversation comes to an end.

2. Solve disagreements, trying to find the way out acceptable for both parties. Happy couple knows that the purpose of a conversation is in finding out what occurs and as to cope with it, but not in that someone appeared the rights. If your darling person is upset, you have to seek to understand what is with it, but not to win a dispute. Look for a compromise.

3. Do not accuse the partner, you do not become angry about him, and look for an exit from the created situation. If your darling made a mistake, think together as to correct it, but do not blame of him his miss.

4. Think that your partner loves you. Do not assume the worst, do not think that he intends to touch you or to offend that he specially makes you cry. Think that between you there was some misunderstanding, and both of you are interested in allowing it. Positive thoughts result in positive results.

5. You appreciate not only what you have the general, but also that you two different persons. There is nothing bad that you feel a certain disappointment that your partner not in all cases thinks and arrives as you think or you would arrive. Nevertheless, it – not you. And you love it for it too.

6. In conflict situations, try to keep sense of humour. If you are capable to argue on something with a smile, you will not be able to quarrel.

7. Stop a dispute if you feel what loses control over itself. It is sometimes better to cool down and look at a situation without emotions, than to discuss something in more and more heated situation.

8. Listen to the partner. Active hearing is in to thinking of own arguments when your interlocutor states the point of view. After the partner spoke, briefly repeat what he told, ask whether correctly you understood him. Show to the darling – "I listen to what you tell me. It is important for me".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team