How to make massage to the husband

How to make massage to the husband

To make to the husband massage, it is not obligatory to own special knowledge. If you decided to please the beloved spouse, buy aromatic candles, oils and prepare two fragrant towels. When everything is ready, start the most responsible moment.

It is required to you

  • - candles;
  • - oils;
  • - 2 towels;
  • - imagination.


1. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the room and to create the weakening situation. Massage becomes in the cool room. Therefore you will need to cool the room. In warm season you will be come to the rescue by the conditioner or the fan. If there is cold weather, open a window and air the room. Light candles and place them about the room, muffle or at all turn off the light, prepare two big soft towels and invite the husband.

2. It is better to begin massage with a back. Roll one towel in the roller and put it under the head. Cover a lower body with the second towel, apply several drops of oil on a back and start the process. For a start warm a back the easy stroking movements, then it is possible to use circular motions, tinglings and pats. Involve fingers and the lower part of a palm. Doing massage of a back, do not touch a neck better. This zone contains many nervous terminations, having touched which, it is possible do harm to health.

3. After a back start legs. Move a towel on a back. Begin foot massage from below. Massage with circular motions fingers, then pass to calves and gradually move further. Do not forget to use oil. Your movements have to be in the direction from below – up. Circular motions clockwise, strokings and pats will approach.

4. Now it is possible to pass to hands. Cover with a towel a back and legs. Begin to mass finger-tips. It is necessary to do it too by circular motions. Then massage hands. Gradually go to shoulders. Use strokings and tinglings.

5. Massage of a stomach demands vocational training. You can stroke or massage it with slight circular motions clockwise.

6. In end it is possible to make massage of the head and face. In this case your movements have to be very gentle too. Massage a forehead, then temples, then walk finger-tips from a chin to ears.

7. Based on basic movements, it is also possible to introduce in massage sensuality elements. After the session it is possible to carry out on a body by a soft plumelet or a silk scarf. In this case there are no restrictions. Everything depends on your imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team