How to make the proposal of a hand

How to make the proposal of a hand

In the relations one question carries an important role and defines, there will be couple together, or will break up. The moment of the offer wants to be made unforgettable that the girl could not refuse. And then the history of proposal will be retold to friends, relatives, children and grandsons. So it is worth thinking over the scenario and to make the proposal of a hand to unforgettable.

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1. Make a start from desires and preferences of your girl. You long time together, know each other, and have an idea of its favourite places, views of any given situations. Remember how it reacted to stages of the offer in movies what were pleasant to it, it is possible to take the idea from its favourite movie or series.

2. Pick up a ring. Choose it without participation as narrowed not to spoil a surprise. If it is difficult to you to pick up independently a beautiful ringlet which to be pleasant to it, better not to guess, and to ask the help for the sister or the girlfriend of your future bride. They will be able to prompt the necessary size, her preferences and to you it will be simpler to make a choice.

3. Choose suitable time. Sometimes the proposal will be appropriate to be made on a holiday. If ahead you have anniversary of the relations, take an opportunity and give this day the best gift - the offer. It is possible to use other holidays: new year, day of its birth, St. Valentine's Day. In addition consider her mood and a daily routine, after unlucky day or in the angry state she will not be able to estimate your efforts completely.

4. If the girl loves traditional ways of the offer, use standard option, having added several strokes. Restaurant, flowers, a tasty dinner, music, you tell about what happiness to be with it and that you want to live together all life, and then get up on one knee and say a treasured phrase "You will marry me?"

5. If the girl does not love traditional options, and prefers original acts, it is possible to show imagination and to think up an original way of the offer. For example, search of a ring in notes with riddles or to make an album of memoirs on your relations, and at the end the photo with a ringlet. During parachute jump, diving or an inscription candles during the serenade under a window. Make a start not from the preferences and desires, and from what is pleasant to your darling, all this becomes for her.

6. Employ the photographer. If the situation allows, order the photographer for one hour to imprint a significant event in your relations. For nervousness you and your bride do not remember details, and considering photos, you will be able to remember everything in the smallest details. Especially if it is original to make the proposal.

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