How to motivate the teenager for study - councils of the psychologist

How to motivate the teenager for study - councils of the psychologist

Many children, having reached teenage age, begin to give to study less time, explaining it with lack of interest in occupations. That the progress of the child did not decrease, it is necessary to take advice of psychologists who know how to motivate the teenager for study and that for this purpose can be made.

How to motivate the teenager on educational activity?

For a start, let's try to understand that threats and blackmail cannot attract interest in occupations, on the contrary, the similar behavior of parents will only incite the child against them and will cause in it an internal protest. Therefore before thinking how to motivate the teenager to study, remember whether often you pressed on him and try to understand whether the child of perception does not have you as aggressor any more. If such situation already occurred, it will be necessary to begin with gaining trust of the teenager, otherwise, all ways will be not effective.

So, it is necessary to make the following:

  1. We gain trust of the child. To quickly make it it will not turn out, especially, if the teenager got used that any conversation comes to an end with notations or threats. Try to lead several discussions during which ask the child on what lessons are pleasant to it more why he gives preferences to these objects. Only try not to express own vision, the child has to understand that he can tell you something, expecting that you will not overpersuade him.
  2. We learn more about the interests of the child. For example, during the previous talk you found out that it are pleasant to the teenager biology because it is interesting science, and literature as the teacher behaves friendly and tells unusual things. Perfectly, we begin to throw up kind of accidentally to it unusual information on these objects, for example, article about the latest opening, or the unusual book, with a plot interesting to it. Only do it it is reserved, without any arguments it seems you spoke to me, I brought to you. Just leave the magazine or the book on a table, do not learn whether the child studied information, it can be apprehended as pressure.
  3. We learn about a hobby of the child and we use it for the good. If the teenager is fond, let us assume, of music, and groups which to him are pleasant, are English-speaking then it is possible to talk to him about lyrics by these performers. Thus, it is possible how to motivate the teenager for work on the translation of the text, and to provoke the child to deeper learning of foreign language, having just thrown it the idea about communication with the fans of group living in other countries.

And, at last, in the good way by means of which it is possible, both to motivate the teenager to study, and to adjust it on more trusting relationship with you, the conversation about what he sees the future is. For example, if the girl dreams of successful marriage, then it is possible to explain to her.

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