How to persuade the girl to marry

How to persuade the girl to marry

You love the girl, long ago meet her, for you she – the best us light. It would seem, nothing prevents to take the next and such natural step – to make to her a proposal of marriage. But you are overwhelmed by doubts: whether will agree whether will be frightened? The wedding is such responsible step! So in what way to convince the girl that you are the best elect what of anybody another it is not necessary even to dream?


1. Creation of family imposes certain serious obligations on both parties. To live by the principle "There it will be visible!" - it is at least thoughtless. Therefore try to do at once everything possible that at the potential wife a favorable impression about you was made. In other words, that she thought: you – the serious, responsible, judicious man on whom it is possible to rely. Show that you are capable to become the good husband and the father.

2. Saying "With darling love in a cottage!" it is good only for tropics where all the year round summer. In our climatic conditions without capital housing not to do. The best option if you have an opportunity at once to buy housing, but in most cases, it is unreal. Therefore, you should make good money to have an opportunity to save money for purchase of the apartment or house. It is also necessary to consider that if you give birth to the child, then the wife will "be literally tied" at least several years to it, and all responsibility on keeping of family will fall on the husband.

3. Soberly and responsibly estimate the opportunities (taking into account the possible help of parents) and tell about it to the darling. Be not afraid "to vulgarize" calculations so solemn situation. It is much worse if after the wedding it becomes clear that young people have no place to live and there is nothing. The new wife, most likely, will feel deceived and will be bitterly disappointed in the husband, with all that it implies.

4. Try that your offer was whenever possible beautiful and original. Of course, in simple words: "I love you! Do you agree to become my wife?" there is nothing bad at all, and for the loving girl they will sound as magic music. But, the right, it is worth showing imagination! "Weaker sex" is very emotional, it is worth to rememberit is worth to remember about it and to neglect. The beautiful proposal made in a beautiful, romantic decor is capable to break the last remnants of doubts and fears!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team