How to remain friends with former

How to remain friends with former

After a rupture of the romantic relations some women want to remain friends with former. To avoid misunderstanding and offenses, it is necessary to behave correctly, then you will achieve a goal.


1. Surely you watch what you tell. If your relations were equal, the offer to leave will be for the man big shock. If, on the contrary, they were difficult, then any words can be given a hostile reception by the partner. Therefore try to choose suitable words. Begin with the fact that he is a wonderful person, gradually passing to a subject about desire to leave. If after all after the conversation you understand that you did not manage to keep the friendly relations with the being, be not upset. Do further right thing, and you will see that all the time will place in the places.

2. Wait a little. To wait from the person whom you threw friendly heat and openness it is silly. But, nevertheless, if you are dear to him, Platonic feelings will not get to anywhere. Just there has to pass time.

3. Do not interfere in its personal space. Neither prosecutions, nor meetings, etc. will help to become you friends. Leave it for some time, try not to meet it. It has to get rid of fresh memoirs, related to you.

4. Be in harmony with yourself. Understand that you suggested to leave, not because it is a whim or a whim. You made the conscious decision which, perhaps, will do both of you good. It is not necessary to blame himself for anything. Be honest not only with people around, but also with themselves.

5. Let know former that you very much value your friendship. Briefly, but clear explain that it will be better for both of you if your relations from romantic perenut in friendly. If you insist on it, perhaps, he will understand everything, and you will be friends. If he does not wish with you a message of a conversation and constantly avoids, leave him alone, maybe, he just very strongly loves you, and any meetings with you hurt him. Besides, try not to catch sight at first to him with the new young man. You only aggravate with it a situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team