How to return attention of the man

How to return attention of the man

At first the phrase "Good morning, darling disappeared!", the imagination for writing of romantic SMS messages was gradually exhausted then. A little later you noticed that he does not pay attention to a new hairstyle at all, does not thank for a wonderful dinner.

It is required to you

  • - interior decor objects;
  • - erotic linen;
  • - tickets for soccer;
  • - tour.


1. Always there is an exit from a difficult situation, the main thing is to make the plan and to work according to its points. Find out the reasons for which your man ceased to pay attention to you. You often spend time for everything, except the personal needs. Considering that the man vanishes at work, he cannot meet you and ask, what do you do and as you feel. And in the evening, coming home tired, at once goes to bed because of unwillingness someone to see. Time can not be also at you. Sometimes, when the woman cannot find time for the beloved, there is a problem of lack of attention on both sides. Then – offenses.

2. Allocate time to the man. Let it will be though half an hour – hour. During this time you will manage to talk. Let during this period you be not distracted the TV, infinite phone calls burning in an oven pie and other similar factors.

3. Try to make amends if that is available. Ask forgiveness if you something offended the guy or the spouse. Change scenery. Often, when you are in the same room, it is necessary to see constantly one and too – pieces of furniture and an interior, an identical view from the window – all this can provoke nervous tension. Replace wall-paper, a wall carpet, make shift. Decorate the apartment.

4. Replace a way of life. If there is an opportunity, be sent on leave. You spend time actively.

5. Diversify sexual life. Perhaps, your man lacks it. Perhaps, he wants novelty in the relations, but he hesitates to tell about it. Buy erotic linen, use other lighting lamp in the bedroom, change usual sheets for silk.

6. Make a wonderful dinner, call his friends. Acquire tickets for a football match where the favorite team will play, - and his heart will thaw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team