As it is correct to behave with the three-year-old child

As it is correct to behave with the three-year-old child

Your yesterday's kind and obedient kid became similar to the little monster? Whims, obstinacy and the real hysterics are well familiar to parents of three-year-old kids. How it is correct to behave to do much harm?

Aged from 2.5 up to 3.5 years the child, and together with him and all his family, endures crisis. The kid already outgrew established rules and rules. He demands changes. Reorganization, development of strong-willed qualities and independence results of this crisis. But parents are disturbed most of all by symptoms: unwillingness to do what they tell refusal of food, a dream, games, tears, shouts, hysterics.

Remember that the bad behavior and tears do not exist in itself. If the child is capricious, to it there is always a reason. He cannot inform you of the problems and desires adult language and does it as he is able. Perhaps, the kid lacks your attention, or in family there are problems which he feels.

It is very important that all family members adhered to the identical principles of education. Agree with your grandmothers, grandfathers and nurses what to resolve and what to forbid. Try to inform them of importance of your unanimity. Otherwise the child will be confused, and it will affect his behavior.

Psychologists rejected physical punishments for a long time. Such behavior humiliates the child, does it aggressive. Try other methods. Most often very quickly your indifference, lack of attention works. For example, the child in shop stamps legs and shouts because he wanted some toy which you to it are not going to buy. At first tell by a quiet voice about the decision, explain the reason. If the child continues "to have fun", tell him that talk to it when he calms down, and stop to pay attention to it until he does not cease to cry. Here you will see, will very quickly bother it. Condemn not the child, and his acts. You do not speak "you bad", you speak "you arrived badly".

If store hysterics – your "fad", do not take the child in shop. Leave it with somebody at home or ask someone from relatives to do shopping. Of course, not all have such opportunity, but if you have it, then use it.

The child wants independence. If you forbid everything to him, then he will not mature. Provide to the kid freedom of action in all that has no danger to his health. Wants to eat? Enjoy your meal! Wants to put on? Please! Wants to cut salad? Give it a plastic knife – let strugat.

Clothing – a separate subject for three-year-olds. Not to be late begin to be going to kindergarten in advance. It is not necessary to wait at the last moment from the child of miracles of instant readiness. He needs not less than 30 minutes. To avoid "I do not want, I will not be", offer several suitable dresses (trousers, shirts) at choice. So you will create illusion of independent decision-making.

Try to give the choice in everything. What toys to play that is for dinner where to go for a walk … Even the choice in receiving punishment. Existence of an alternative will teach the child to make decisions and will save your time and nerves.

In time to put the child to bed, observe a day regimen, prepare for sleeping in advance. Switch off the TV, muffle light, talk about that, how was your day, read the book. It will gradually adjust the kid on a dream.

Stock up with patience and help your child to endure this difficult period. The main thing – tranquility. Lack of impassioned reaction - the most valuable to you at this stage. The more you are nervous, the kid is capricious and contradicts stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team