How to solve a problem

How to solve a problem

Problems in family and relationship with close people are perceived always especially sharply, such problems with ease nonplus us and get close to heart. To solve a problem in family try the following several steps.


1. First of all go to a travel to yourself, begin dialogue with yourself. At this stage it is important to realize up to the end your problem, to recognize its existence, to try to invest a problem with an accurate and clear formulation, for example, so: "My problem is that …". Statement of a problem will help you with definition of the positive purpose, i.e., time you want that the problem was solved, so you want … what? Formulate so: "I want that …". What do you want? Concrete understanding of what you do not want and what you aspire to – already success in a solution.

2. Construct dialogue with close people. To talk is the most constructive solution problemsof in family. Share the thoughts, experiences, fears, expectations with those, in communication with whom there is a misunderstanding. Be not afraid to be frank.

3. Address experience of the people, senior or authoritative for you. Most likely, not only you faced similar problems and probably you will be helped by a look from outside and reasonable opinion of the person to which you trust.

4. Address the expert if you feel that the situation gets out of hand and that independently to you not to cope with a solution. For this purpose register in consultation to the family psychologist or the psychotherapist.

5. Work on yourself every minute, every day. Force yourself if it is necessary. Under pressure of the analysis and introspection any problem will not resist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team