How without serious consequences to leave the husband

How without serious consequences to leave the husband

Sometimes happens very hard to release from itself the man with whom once connected the relations. And it is unimportant who became the initiator of a gap. Even if the wife herself filed for a divorce, to endure loss of the loved one very difficult.


1. Do not cost from yourself the iron lady. If you want to cry, then cry. But only in loneliness or on a shoulder at the beloved girlfriend. Tell everything that occurs at you in soul. Do not hesitate and do not worry that you will be misunderstood. When you splash out the emotions, it will become easier for you. If there is no girlfriend, it is possible to create the diary in which you will write down all the feelings.

2. Convince yourself that your life without this person will be better. Remember (and even better write down) all its shortcomings. For certain it was absolutely not ideal. Remember all your joint life. Think how much bad it caused to you. Without serious consequences to leave the husband, it is necessary to understand as far as he is not perfect.

3. Take care of the own life. Fill up all the free time important issues. Surely begin to play sports. Register to the pool, visit gym or just run in the mornings. It will help you to bring itself into good shape, will increase mood and will not leave time for sad thoughts.

4. Get a new hobby or get the second job. Try to remain never alone. As often as possible be in collective. In the company of strangers practically all hide the real emotions. And it will be much easier for you to endure a divorce if you do constantly not carry on a talk about the ex-husband.

5. You love and indulge yourself. Try to lighten yourself the mood daily. Even if trifles, for example, purchase of ice cream or viewing interesting movie. Relax and derive pleasure from life. Do that you want, but not what is expected from you by the others.

6. You do not get close relations right after a gap. Subconsciously you will compare two men. And to compare – means, to remember. And the offense at all masculine gender can spoil even the ideal relations. Communicate with men, but you do not bring to yourself the lover until feelings to the husband do not pass absolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team