Is jealous - means loves? How to cause jealousy?

Is jealous - means loves? How to cause jealousy?

About jealous husbands the set of stories and jokes is put. However the indifferent man is not better. Women often want darling to be jealous of them - at least slightly to be convinced of his ardent feelings.

High points of rough love are replaced by the quiet and adjusted life. And if earlier the elect was jealous even because of an accidental view of the foreign man, then now trusts so that he is not interested in delays at work. The slight jealousy is a way to feel attractive and desired. And women often want to achieve such emotions from the beloved. The jealousy is capable to stir up the died-away passion and to make the relations brighter. But do not forget that your purpose is not to anger the man, and only to wake in him spirit of rivalry, to show that you can be desired and for others.

Desire to cause jealousy is always risk. Be ready to the most unexpected consequences.

The jealousy is the suspicion mixed with a lack of information. Causing jealousy, act with hints. For example, mysteriously you go with phone to other room. Or "accidentally" leave open a personal page of any man on the computer. Or, glancing over a photo on the camera, linger on that picture where you are depicted with male fellow. All these ways work rather strictly. Therefore if your elect does not differ in balanced character, it is better to try something softer.

There is a set of soft ways to cause jealousy. The simplest is a little to change the behavior. Become more sad and thoughtful, or, on the contrary, excessively cheerful. Fall in love with melodramas and songs about love. Pay more attention to the appearance. Buy new sexual things or completely change the style. Gathering for work, in shop or in fitness club, carefully put on and you do a make-up - especially if you before it did not do. The man has to suspect that probably you dress up for someone. To enhance effect, it is possible to buy few times a bouquet of flowers or to appear before the husband in a new magnificent dress. And it is possible to smile and respond to all inquiries mysteriously that gifts were given by the secret admirer. If you have male fellow, them it is possible to ask to accompany you. Such way is good if you tried everything, but darling still does not show signs of jealousy. Ask the friend to give a ride to you to the house or to call in the late afternoon. Only do not go too far - leave passionate embraces to the husband. It is also possible to tell by the way what compliments to you were given today by colleagues at work or familiar men. The fact that you will mention real persons, will add more plausibility to your words.

If the relations cracked, the jealousy can aggravate them. Use the offered receptions only if are sure of the beloved.

When choosing any of options always you keep a situation under control. Do not force the man to be jealous and worry too long, otherwise he will think that you actually want to change it. Be not fond of an intense situation throughout a long time. When you see the first signs of jealousy, calm the man. Tell that you love him and just you want special attention. Do not refuse if the man calls you on a serious conversation. Jealousy - a dangerous thing, and you should not joke with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team