NLP for weight loss

NLP for weight loss

Did you sometime meet the girl who likes own reflection in a mirror? It is unlikely today you will manage such to find. Us, representatives of all fine on the earth, it is very difficult to convince that the favourite dress does not make look fat, the fat after all has to be on a stomach, and couple of excess kg do not affect appearance in any way. However the gift of persuasion after all is capable to work wonders. Especially if this self-belief.

The problem of many persons interested to lose weight consists in a way of life and thoughts. Often many complain that in working hours for full-fledged lunch there are no free minutes and it is necessary to have a bite. And those who do exercises in the mornings or run in the evenings at all can be counted on fingers. However the problem of excess weight consists not only in lack of time, forces and desires. It is much deeper – in ourselves. And here, as it is impossible by the way, neurolinguistic programming will help with the solution of our problem.

The strategy of the NLP in weight loss

The American psychologist Robert Dilts possesses the idea that all our beliefs consist of five logical levels. If to apply these levels to weight loss, approximately following scheme turns out:

Level 1. External circumstances. In shops there is a lot of various and tasty food. Well how here to keep and to buy something?

Level 2. Behavior. I eat much and I love sweet.

Level 3. Abilities. If I am wanted to be treated with something tasty, I cannot restrain and refuse.

Level 4. Values and beliefs. Who told that my excess weight? The main thing – pleasure which I derive from food.

Level 5. Identity. Yes, I am a sweet tooth and the glutton. Was born it and it I will die. My weight is more, than it is necessary and to do nothing with it any more.

Experts of the NLP advise to begin the movement from top to down. Approximately change of living position has to look so: I can change the behavior only with development of abilities to self-checking. For this purpose I have to replace the system of values and beliefs. And only after that, having ceased to consider himself permanently fat person, it is possible to find belief that the good person should not be much.

Further we begin the second circle of the movement on our logical levels, but now from below up.

Identity – I begin to change for the better and I do this every day.

Belief – the Slim figure is beauty and health. Besides I will be able to put on any dress which was pleasant to me soon.

Abilities – I can keep consumption of food under control, keep to a diet and adhere to healthy nutrition.

Behavior – I quietly refuse excess consumption of food if I do not feel feeling of hunger (important to distinguish appetite and hunger).

External circumstances – Me are provided envy from women, both admiration and compliments from men.

From the theory to practice

For fixing of these skills it is possible to use such fine technique of the NLP as the strategy of food. Let's sort it step by step:

  1. Something pushes me to think of food. This appeared feeling of hunger or somewhere the seen food is possible.
  2. I listen to feelings in my stomach.
  3. I ask a question – why my stomach will well feel?
  4. I represent that possible food which would like to eat now. It can be simple sandwich, or salad, and there can be a soup or something other.
  5. I represent how I eat, the fact that chose from possible options. I represent taste of this food, I feel how it gets into my stomach, I represent that amount of food which will help to satisfy feeling of hunger.
  6. If feelings from the food presented in thoughts are pleasant to me more feeling of discomfort for hunger, then I leave this dish for record. If the feeling of mental saturation does not occur, I choose other option.
  7. Further I in the same way choose the following possible dishes. Mentally I taste them, I listen whether I will get feeling of saturation from them, I compare feelings between other options of dishes.
  8. Several times, repeating possible options of dishes, I continue to keep in mind that dish which, in my opinion, will give me most of all saturation, advantage and pleasure.
  9. When the options presented by me sputter out, I stop on that dish which has to give me most of all pleasure and order it as the meal.

Such simple methods if to use them daily, will yield the fruits soon. Remember the main thing – our dependence on food has, first of all, a psychological basis. Also it is not necessary to go on diets to remove excess weight. Begin with the head, to be exact, from the outlook. When you change the attitude not only to food, but also to the world around, you change and change for the better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team