Prevention of tobacco smoking

Prevention of tobacco smoking

Despite external inoffensiveness, smoking still is one of the most common causes of mortality of the population. According to official statistics, in the world 1.1 billion people smoke. It should be noted that from them only 300 million live in the developed countries, other 800 million – in developing.

Prevention of tobacco smoking

The best prevention of tobacco smoking at school and in general at any age are the facts which really terrify. In 50 years from 1950 to 2000 smoking of cigarettes killed more than 60 million people. Today more than 4 million people annually die of the diseases developing because of smoking. If people do not think of what occurs, then by 2050 tobacco more than 0.5 billion people will claim the lives.

Already today smoking became a problem not only smokers, but also their relatives. So, for example, in families where one person smokes at least, risk to die of lung cancer for each family member increases by 30%. Besides, almost in 30% of cases smoking, active or passive, becomes the reason of development of chronic diseases of a cardiovascular system.

Influence of tobacco smoking on an organism

Any smoker has to understand that tobacco smoking and health – things incompatible. From the first cigarette the negative impact will amplify more and more, will not pass into any of typical for the smoking person of diseases yet.

The dependence on tobacco smoking is formed both mental, and physiological. Usual cigarettes are comprised by about 0.3 g of nicotine. Not got used person can get serious poisoning from the first attempt of smoking, and the skilled smoker can die from 15-20 pieces.

Smoke, besides nicotine contains huge amount of various toxic substances and if nicotine addiction forces the person to smoke again and again, then toxins over and over again poison the weakened organism more and stronger. Experts carry nicotine on accustoming force in group of such serious drugs as cocaine and heroin.

Smoking makes change to work of all metabolism, reconstructing work of an organism on a new, unhealthy harmony at which it is impossible to keep positive mood and health. Very few people from smokers think that he when smoking inhales carbon monoxide from which people perish at the fires. And a smaller number is remembered that people who are forced to inhale children from their cigarettes automatically become passive smokers and involuntarily are among potential cancer patients.

Think of these data and stop spoiling life to yourself and people around. It is not as difficult as it seems.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team