Types of consciousness

Types of consciousness

What person do we call conscious? Realizing, he sees a difference between things and makes the choice. Thus, consciousness is division of alternatives, with the subsequent choice and responsibility for the choice. But it is evolutionary, there were also other types of consciousness which somehow are not corresponding to this definition.

Consciousness of the primitive person and animal

In psychology the instinctive, animal consciousness is considered the first type of consciousness. At such device of mentality, the person saw alternatives, distinguished them, but did not realize their division. The primitive person, an animal, and any modern child learn the world by the principle I and the world, without dividing themselves with the world around. For the primitive person all around is the world of contrasts, but it does not divide them and does not oppose, is only – edible and inedible, day and night, a predator and the victim.

However knowledge of the world, management of it, is possible only when the person sees it is abstracted from the person, that is, divides.

Demonic consciousness

This term has nothing in common with a demonism. This type of consciousness of the person is a distinction and division of contrasts, the world which is full of alternatives. For the person who is at this stage of development all to be divided into material and spiritual, primary and secondary. A cult is the absolute choice, but at the same time, before our definition of consciousness, the person lacks one – awareness of responsibility for the choice.

At demonic consciousness there are two divisions – division of the world into contrasts and contrasts on polarity, that is on what is good and that is bad.

Such consciousness has two ways – to develop and evolve in the highest form of consciousness, or to degrade. The last means civilization crash with demonic consciousness and the beginning of its construction from instinctive, animal consciousness.

Consciousness of the person

Human consciousness is a measure. It divides and distinguishes contrasts, opposes them only in order that vzaimo to integrate or unite polarity. Such consciousness means understanding of need of a compromise.

The person divides, chooses and realizes responsibility for the choice. He is kind, but the aggression can also arise at situations when polarity, uniting and being integrated, do not harmonize the world.

Consciousness violation

When consciousness is broken, the person loses ability to perceive and understand the world around. There is a set of types of violation of consciousness from a simple faint to a coma and amnesia. Main groups of violation of consciousness:

  • the switched-off consciousness – an intermediate state between consciousness and a coma;
  • obscuring – nonsense, hallucinations, psychoses;
  • the changed consciousness – concentration on one important subject, and impossibility to perceive surrounding reality.

Types of the changed conditions of consciousness are convulsive attacks, a dysphoria, hysteria.

Twilight obscuring, amention, deliriya refer snovidny obscuring to the dulled consciousnesses.

And the switched-off consciousness is a devocalization, a sopor, a faint and a coma.

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